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Franklin Graham: Obama, Holder leading us toward End Times



Is Obama and his Administration helping usher in the “End Times”? According to a new report from WND, Rev. Franklin Graham waded deep into Capitol Hill politics, pointing fingers right at President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder as prime examples of why the nation may very well be in its end times.  “One of the greatest threats to America is the progressives (a new name for liberals) led by President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder who are trying to impose a new morality – which is really no morality at aall – jamming it down the throats of the American people,” he said, the Christian Post reported.

Graham went on to say America has been “blessed by God” unlike any other country in the world – but it faces serious threats of degradation and destruction, mostly from within.

“When our country was birthed, its foundations and laws were based on biblical laws and principles,” he said, writing on his personal Facebook page. “We used to be ‘one nation under God.’ Now we’re a nation that has turned its back on God. History shows that when nations do this, their end is near.”

The world known religious leader has spoken on previous occasions about the failures of the present political leadership to guide this country in accordance with God’s will, and warned of the consequences that could result. Just a few weeks ago, he raised the red flag on the potential for terrorists to hit hard on America’s soil, due largely because of what he described as a simultaneous anti-Christian, pro-Islam vein that’s coursing through Capitol Hill and in particular, the White House. Read Full Report

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