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Divine Revelations

For the First Time, Rachael Narrates Herself the Initial Hell and Heaven Experience! Listen!



By Rachael Mushala

Translator: Brother Bethuel Conrad

She lived a double life before the encounter. God declared that: “ I am making you a watchman over my people, am going to give you messages to my people and do not be afraid of them. If I give you messages and you are scared of warning my people, am going to demand for their blood in your hands. Many people are going to rise against you and call you a false prophet and they are going to twist the bible verses to condemn you. But I will be with you so do not be afraid. Tell them the truth, tell them hell exists and they have a place to choose”

While in College, she had a close friend who died in sin and she is in hell now, because Rachael never warned her. This broke down Rachael, and if you really love someone, you better warn them for then you have given them a choice.  Listen to this hell shuddering experience and your life will never be the same again.

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