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Zipporah Mushala’s Third Testimony of Hell

Zipporah Mushala
On Sunday, July 27, 2014, I received an email from Zippporah Mushala, a sister in Christ in Zambia. In her email, she described a revelation of hell that the Lord had given to her that day in the early hours of the morning before dawn. I have written about her previously in Zipporah Mushala Testimony of Hell and Zipporah Mushala’s Second Testimony of Hell.

As I stated in those articles, I have also spoken with her father, brother Joseph Mushala, who is a pastor and verified her godly character, and that of her sister, Rachael.

This is now Zipporah Mushala’s third testimony of hell, along with visions, warnings and revelations she received from the Lord.

The Terrifying, Tangible Atmosphere of Hell and Its Horror

This morning [July 27, 2014], I woke up at exactly 4:50 AM from a horrifying revelation. I don't think I can say it's a dream, because during the revelation, I was aware that I was sleeping and that I was receiving a revelation. I saw an ordinary house with a garden, which had a lot of graves. I noticed two graves in particular where two wizards were buried. They had been buried with their bodies facing down and heads turned each in the opposite direction of the other. One of them had a charm tied around his thumb that pointed toward the house, so that in case the person responsible for his death was in the house, they would die.

I saw these two men lying in the same position in hell in grave-like triangles filled with soil. The charm around the man was irremovable, and it was tight around his thumb. They were rotting and producing a foul smell yet they were alive. I saw a demon pour acid on their bodies, and it peeled their skin like a cloth being taken off. Then it and other demons started cutting the middle of their backs in fine square pieces like beef. They then would then pull the body apart and worms would race to eat them up, and their bodies would reappear looking burnt and oily.

The emphasis of this place was not the torture, but the horrid feeling in the atmosphere. There was a total 'no-love' atmosphere. You could feel the hatred of the devil and his demons tense in the air. I felt like my heart would literally collapse from this inhumane feeling. I literally saw the hatred and hopelessness floating like a dark mist. I literally felt it with my hand like a vapor, and I could not believe that this actually existed.

Unlike previous experiences when the Lord has enabled me to encounter hell, this time around, I found that I couldn't visibly see the Lord, but could just feel His presence surrounding me. Since it was dark in hell, when I first arrived there, I saw his hand wave over the place that was before me, and after He did so, I began to see everything that I have just described. When it became so unbearable that I felt my heart would literally collapse, He suddenly appeared beside me, and I leaned on him.

Jesus said, 'Please tell those who are saying that hell does not exist to keep quiet about what they do not know, or what you're seeing will just be a sample of their punishment.'

When I woke up, I felt like throwing up, and I was shivering. I have never had such an experience of hell…I tried to pray, but couldn't. I was in shock. Then I heard demons telling me that I should shut up, or else I'd be next. But I told them that I would only be next if I did shut up, and I promised them in the name of Jesus that I would not shut up.

A VISION 25th July 2014

Those in Hell Who Watched Secular TV

About two days ago, I saw short, dark, tough-skinned, ugly, horned demons with huge axes. They were axing people in hell who were running in all directions. The demons ran with all their might axing the ground as they chased these people. The Lord told me they were those who watched secular television. Then I asked him if it was right for some people to be there for that reason because some did not get the revelation that it was wrong. Then he told me, 'I have given human beings the ability to choose between what is good and bad. When most people see that what they are watching is sinful and does not bring Me glory, they continue as though doing something that is pleasing me. Secular TV does not have one good thing. It just portrays violence, promiscuity, drug abuse and a care free life without me.

Confirmation from Rachael Mushala July 2014

"I dreamed I was in my house and the TV was on. But what I saw was that the TV was on a secular channel, called Telemundo. I then heard someone at the door struggling to open it, and when I looked, I saw there was a space between the door and the upper door frame; and the person who was at the door was peeping thru that space. I saw it was a demon in form of a woman with a horrific appearance and red blood thirsty eyes. She was carrying a long sharp knife."

"I saw the knife, because she kept putting it in the little space where she was peeping from as a way of threatening me to open the door. She said, 'What are you watching? Telemundo? Let me in! Open the door for me!' And she got very aggressive."

"In the dream, I began praying in my heart, but couldn't pray much, and I felt the secular TV was the hindrance. But as I prayed, she failed to open the door. I woke up shaking and could hardly pray, but kept calling on Jesus."

"What amazes me is that the Lord would tell my sister about secular TV just [two] days after telling me! And I haven't even had an opportunity to tell my sister about it! What an amazing God! Praise His name forever!"


Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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