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NOTE:You have to read the post below this one first for background information on this topic.

Ever since the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to my sister Zipporah and I about demons coming in human desguise,He also enabled us to see them when we meet them.
And I was really shocked at what I saw!
They are so many and all of them would be so busy with their mission and leave no physical way of telling who they are,only when Jesus opens your eyes,that's when you can see them.
Some would pretend to even be Christians and even speak in tongues!But after what the Lord showed me I realised it's all fake.Its all pretense.
One day Zipporah,my husband,and I went to the prayer mountain.
After we had been there for a while,some people came near where we were,they carried bibles and Jesus allowed us to see one of them was actually a demon!
They all began 'praying' but in reality the demon wasn't praying but doing something else spiritually;It was casting spells of religion on the prayer mountain so that people who go to that place to pray should never desire God truly but instead be inflicted with religion!
We began to pray against what it was doing and immediately it told the others that they should all go,they all left the mountain.Thats the power of God.
Am sharing these experiences so you can understand what God has made us to understand about how the demons which come to earth in pretense work.

Before I got married,I was living alone.
I moved into a house.
There were 3 houses in one fence,the landlady and her family lived in one and 2 were on rent.
Before I moved there,the landlady was curious to know about my lifestyle.
She said she didn’t want someone who would be making drunken parties in the house coz she was a christian and they even used to have church at home cz their church was still under construction.
In my heart I was like wow,this is a nice place to live,among Christians!
I moved into the house and I observed they would meet for church on the loan outside the land lady's house.
She told me they had overnights every Friday and invited me to join them.
But for some reason I never ever had peace to join their prayers,I would just pray on my own.
She would always say things like,"Oh you are really a child of God Rachael,continue the way you are."
I thought it was all genuine till one day God showed me who she really was!
She was a demon with all her kids except for her husband!
Zipporah came over and we would pray,then we would see her coming to attack us in her real form spiritually!
She had a grandchild who was a baby but was also just a demon in desguise.Oneday we were praying and I saw an angel going to pierce the baby with a sword!
It wasn't a baby but a demon.
We had so many battles with them spiritually after God exposed them and they knew they had been exposed.
Sometimes when we pray very much they would get in the car and leave till we were done.
How God shows us the demon incarnates is that He let's us see their real form,not the human body cz it's just a lie.
God showed me her mission was to destroy the light in God's Children in order to quench them.
God showed me in a vision,she would pull the light and the person would just start loving the world,but this only happened if she overcomes the person.
The spiritual battles got intense the more we prayed such that all she wanted was to kill us and it's the reason Zipporah was in a road accident.
Zipporah and I began an intense prayer program.
Suddenly whenever we prayed,we would find blood on the floor in the bathroom!
Then we started finding it in other places of the house and spluttered in the house after we pray.
Sometimes she would come with other demons in the spirit to attack us but when we meet her during the day she would smile and look friendly and talk about God with people.On her door she had put a sticker which said,"Jesus is Lord".
They are so good with pretense,only God can expose them.
We had a weekend prayer program at the mountain with Zipporah and my husband,when Zipporah and I came back,we found blood sprinkled on 3 plastic garden chairs!We had left the house locked.
We told a man of God about it and God revealed to him that they wanted to kill Zipporah,me,and my dad and the blood was a warning from the satanic kingdom that they ll kill us.
The demons in human form were so upset that God had exposed them after having managed to hide among humans unnoticed for so long.
One day Zipporah met one and she could see it and it was so shocked that someone could see it.
God told us the demon incarnates wanted revenge on us and wanted us dead.
God also showed the man of God w that the satanic kingdom wanted us dead so that what God revealed to us ll never be heard and they wanted Zipporah to be the first to die.
God told him to pray for oil so I could anoint Zipporah when I get home and rebuke the spirit of death.
On my way home,before I even had a chance to pray for Zipporah,I got a call from her,she had been involved in a road accident,I think many of you remember this incident.
A friend of mine and I took her to the hospital,she couldn't walk for a week,she couldn't even stand.
That night we experienced extreme warfare.
The doctor had to sedate her and put her to sleep cz she was in too much pain.I was at her bedside.
But when she woke up she was just screaming,"No, no,no"
She said she was seeing demons telling her to just let go and die.They were literally trying to pull her out of her body.
They were telling her,"you ll never walk.And we ll come after your family.We ll make you regret ever accepting Jesus and you ll regret all your prayers."
I thought she was going to die cz she was convulsing.
I prayed for her and rebuked the demons.
Some would stand at a distance and she could see them,watching to see if she would die.
They would try to pull her out of her body,then suddenly Jesus came and he held her hand.
Jesus said she would be okay.
While we were at the hospital some demon incarnates would come to spy but pretending to be doing something else.
God sent a lady,a prophetess and she told Zipporah,"be courageous,God hasn't left you."
When we went home,I decided to pray for some water and spray it around the yard,on the flowers cz God said the demons(landlady) had put alot of things there.
It was at night so I sprinkled the water I had prayed for everywhere and declared the evil things to die and for the place to be purified.
The next morning the flowers and other plants were withered and some dried! when coming from the hospital that same day,we found she had instructed the garden boy to uproot all the flowers and plant new ones.
When the people who lived in the house opposite mine moved,she made sure the next occupant was a demon.
God had shown me in a vision that she had now reserved that house for agents on a mission against me.
The one who moved in was a young woman but when she just moved in God exposed her mission and brought her to plain light.She was not just an agent but a demon in desguise.
After a few weeks of living in the house she knew she couldn't do her work cz God had exposed her.
I saw a vision where I challenged her to her face and said,you are a demon!"
She was defiant and was like,"yes I am,so what?"
I told her,"you ll burn in hell."
And she said,"hahaha so what?so what?I curse God!"
I held her arm and said,"in the name of Jesus Christ"
It's as if her whole body got burnt.She began turning black,including her teeth.In the vision the Lord then told me,"now that she's been exposed her mission is over and she ll now move "
That very evening she knocked at my door and said,"am moving out of the house."
She shifted.
There's no physical way of telling but the reason God is revealing this is so that you may know they exist and depend on God more.
Others God exposed were even pastors.Some were people whom even my parents praised saying they are real Christians. They can even fast along with you.Or even pretend to fall under the annointing.Only the Spirit of God can expose them.
I met one which was pretending to see visions but it was all a lie and was just seeing spiritual things cz it's also spirit.
The time I met her,she would be so nice to me and even told my husband,"tell Rachael I love her.I don't know why but I just love her."
She pretended to like me but one day Jesus told me,"do u know why that woman keeps telling you she likes you?Because she's scared you ll see that she's a demon . she's trying to blind you so you won't bother to see her . So I told God that I want to see who she really was next time I see her and God showed me . She was a very hideous looking male demon!
They are so many and sometimes I would say,"God I don't want to see them,I want to live a normal life."
But God told me,"Do you know that wether u see them or not they are still working and on a mission even against you?"
So I said "okay God let me see them then,let non hide."
Some act in very worldly ways like dressing indecently,sleeping around etc but some pretend to be very holy and to be children of God.
It's not by behaviour that you tell a demon but by revelation.
If the women in noah's time knew those men (genesis 6) were fallen angels,they wouldn’t have married them.But they married them cz they looked 100 percent human and acted human.
After we shared what God revealed about their existence they got so angry and thousands of them came to attack us but were defeated and they still try to attack us but Jesus Christ is Lord.
Jesus Christ is more powerful than them.

Don't follow human beings, follow Jesus.

Jesus has allowed us to see so many but I only shared these few to help you understand how they operate because God has exposed them for a reason.

We ve been telling God to start exposing the demon incarnates to other people too so they won't hide anymore.Then a few weeks ago a sister in Christ,whom we hadn't even shared this revelation with said told Zipporah and my mum that God has been revealing to her that some people are not really people but demons in desguise!
She said,"I was shocked.I saw a vision and they looked very human.Some even looked like pregnant women but in reality they were demons!"
God is faithful and I know He ll keep exposing them.
God also enabled my husband to start knowing them sometimes.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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