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Emmanuel SamsonJude, Overcomers Group of Christ, Nigeria

emmanuelI saw a terrible vision, in the vision The Lord took me to Abuja , then I saw massive gathering of people, it was as if they were voting or celebrating about the election, because I saw somebody that stood at the front addressing people .
Then suddenly there was a bomb blast , and 95% of people were killed, and 5% of people were injured. Blood was flowing like a river, and this happened in the vision .
Different Nations began to mourn and comfort Nigerians, it was very terrible.

Lately I had similar vision that one of the people contesting for the presidential election didn’t enter, he became furious and begin to kill innocent people around . He gave money to some group of people that dressed with uniform of Nigeria army.
People was running to and fro trying to escape for their life.
A brother had similar vision about this, I am not afraid because God has not given me the spirit of fear , I am only calling on your attention to pray very well concerning the coming election, that there will be peace and safety .
I have prayed, and your prayer also will do something , prayer and fasting is our weapon of war.
Please let’s pray for Nigeria concerning the coming election that there will be peace.
Pray that there will not be blood shed .
Pray that there will not be bomb blast
Pray that the will of God shall be done.

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