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Don’t believe everything,ask the Holyspirit…



Don't believe everything,ask the Holyspirit...

Don’t believe everything,ask the Holyspirit

Brothers and sisters,if you have not yet been baptized in the Holyspirit, make sure to seek God for the Holyspirit baptism.
It is His promise for all believers because Jesus wants to become your Teacher.
When God fills you with His Spirit the Holyspirit in you will bear witness to the truth.
Not every dream and revelation you hear someone share is true.
You need to test the spirit because the Lord will not contradict what He has said in His word.
But even Satan will not come to you without using some scripture which he will twist for his benefit.
Therefore apart from testing it with scripture you must test it with the Holyspirit.
Which is why you need the Holyspirit to become your personal Teacher to keep you from being deceived.
God’s desire is for all His children to be taught by God.
If you are baptized in the Holyspirit and have been walking in fellowship with God,the Holyspirit will always bear witness to what is of Him.
When you read,watch,or hear something,the Spirit of God in you will bear witness that it is of Him or that it is not.
Even when you meet other people,the Holyspirit will bear witness if they have the same Spirit and He will let you know if they have a contrary spirit.
When you meet people who also have the Spirit of God,you will recognize it because you have the same spirit.
The Holyspirit in you will bear witness that He is the Spirit in the other person too.
God wants all His children to be taught by Him.
For them not to just rely on what they are told about God by others but for them to know Him for themselves and have a real relationship with Jesus.
Then you will not be shaken because you will know Jesus for yourself.
If you only hear of Jesus but do not know Him yourself, anyone can deceive you and even convince you that Jesus doesn’t exist.
But you can not be deceived if you personally know the Lord because you will know He is real because you actually know Him.


✓First repent of sin because sin will push you away from God’s presence.
✓Get baptized in water for the remission of sin as Jesus instructed.
✓Diligently seek the Lord, asking Him to baptize you with the Holyspirit.
I meet so many people who come to the Lord with fear and unbelief and they ask while disbelieving that they will receive and they do not receive.
When you come to God you must believe that God means what He says.
If He says EVERYONE who asks receives,He means just that!
It means you too will receive if you ask of Him.
Have no fear,it is your Father’s will to give you the Holyspirit,that is why He promised us.
Ask and you will receive.
If you do not receive immediately, persist in prayer and it will not take long,you will receive.
Ask in faith and believe because God is good and He loves you.
When the Holyspirit comes,He will start to teach you so many things so that you may live a life pleasing to God.
Obey Him.
✓Make sure to read the Bible but ask the Holyspirit to help you understand.
✓When you are in consistent fellowship with God,God Himself will teach you to know His voice very clearly.
✓The baptism of the Holyspirit is NOT forcing yourself to speak “whatever sound comes out.”
Speaking in tongues at the baptism of the Holyspirit happens involuntarily.
It isn’t planned or forced.
✓The baptism of the Holyspirit IS NOT MERELY speaking in tongues.
The greatest change that happens is the radical rebirth after the baptism because the Holyspirit makes you a completely new person hating things you once loved and loving obedience.
Many people speak in tongues but aren’t baptized with the Holyspirit and live comfortably in sin.
Some only have a gift of tongues, and others speak tongues which they force, not from the Holyspirit but have not received the Holyspirit baptism.
Others even copy tongues from others and begin to speak them but that is not the biblical speaking in tongues.
Speaking in tongues that comes from the Holyspirit happens involuntarily at the baptism although later on one might choose when to speak in tongues and when not.
But because it is given by God,the recipient just receives it without planning or forcing anything at the reception.
We cannot reduce the baptism of the Holyspirit to only speaking in tongues,it is accompanied by a rebirth.
Just like you a born a human being and can do human actions e.g breathing, crying etc because you are human.
The spiritual rebirth is being born of God and once it happens it makes you want to live a godly life.
At the Holyspirit baptism the old instantly dies and the new is instantly born.
It is a very radical life changing experience.
✓Immediately after being baptized with the Holyspirit,you will be in very close intimacy with God, yearning for more of Him BUT if you do not nurture this by continued prayer, YOU WILL LOSE THE INTIMACY.
So you must value it, don’t take it for granted.
Keep seeking God diligently even after being baptized with the Holyspirit.

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