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1 Samuel 16:7”But the Lord said to Samuel,’do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature,because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees,for man looks at the outward appearance,but the Lord looks at the heart.”
Hi saints,today I want to address an issue that has birthed one of the greatest apostasies of our time,which has given satan a throne right in the church!
One thing about satan is that he knows the word of God very well,I can say he knows the word of God more than many Christians and he also knows God very well because he lived with God before.
He uses this knowledge of the word of God however, to lead children of God away from the truth and onto the path that leads to hell by cleverly twisting the truth and carefully mixing it with lies so that its really hard to tell it’s a lie.
That is how he deceives people,he doesn’t just makeup a complete lie because no one would believe it,he gets truth then mixes in lies to lead people to hell because he knows God is truth.GOD IS COMPLETE TRUTH, anything partial isn’t of Him.
When he came to deceive Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, satan knew that God had forbidden them from eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,however,he didn’t begin his question by asking,”did God tell you not to eat of the tree of good and evil?” which was complete truth,instead he said,”did God say you cannot eat of EVERY tree in the garden?” which was a statement gotten from the truth; that God had forbidden them to eat from a particular tree,but mixed with a lie;that what God had forbidden was to eat from EVERY tree! And thus began the deception,till the human race was deceived.(Genesis 3:1-6)
Satan knows that if he comes up with something completely new,christians will not believe him,so he has to use scripture,cleverly twisted to deceive children of God.
And today,the same old serpent is using scripture;1 Samuel 16:7 to deceive children of God that it doesn’t matter even if you do not present your body as a living sacrifice to God, holy and acceptable(Romans 12:1) because GOD will only look at your heart.
And the deceptive word used to twist scripture here is ONLY.
Just like he twisted scripture in the beginning by using the word “EVERY TREE”.
God isn’t the author of confusion.The same God who spoke to the prophet Samuel saying He looks at the heart,is the exact same God who spoke through the Apostle Paul telling Christians to present their BODIES a ling sacrifice in Romans 12:1, and telling women to dress with modesty in 1 Timothy 2:9, and it’s the same God who again speaks through Paul urging women to concentrate on beautifying themselves inside instead of outward adornment of jewelry.He is also the same exact God who cared about the dressing of the Israelites when He gave the instruction in deutronomy 22:5 saying women shouldn’t wear that which pertains to men and vice versa.
If God really didn’t care about what we wear on the outside,why would he give instructions on the same to the Israelites in deutronomy?And why would He also give instructions about how we should dress outwardly through the Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 2:9, and 1 Peter 3:2-5?
The bible says God doesn’t lie and for Him to specifically instruct us how to dress it means that too is important and it simply tells us that when we use 1 Samuel 16:7 to disregard God’s specific instructions on how His children should dress,it isn’t that God is contradicting Himself,but rather,it simply tells us that satan has twisted scripture to make us misunderstand it and thus lead us into deception.
God doesn’t tell us to present our hearts ONLY to Him, but according to the bible, our Bodies too are to be given in service to God.
In 1 Samuel 16,God instructed Samuel to anoint a king among the sons of Jesse, and when he had arrived, Samuel judged by physical attributes who the anointed King was,he based his judgement on how handsome,or how tall Eliab was and concluded he must be the chosen king,but God corrected the prophet Samuel and said,don’t just look at his appearance and stature,because I have rejected him,man judges from the outward appearance,but the Lord looks at the heart.
This scripture is talking about God looking BEYOND what is seen outside
It does not in any way disqualify God’s instructions on how we Christians should dress,God could see beyond the outside, and into Eliab’s heart,that it wasn’t what He was looking for in a king, and thus he was rejected.
In short,God was saying His judgement is based on something deeper than what can be seen by physical eyes.
God’s judgement goes BEYOND what can be seen outside,God didn’t say He looks ONLY at the heart,because the bible says it is our DEEDS that will be judged and how you dress is one of the deeds we do!
Revelation 20:12 says" the dead were judged according to what was written in the books,according to their works."

Someone can appear good in people’s eyes,but their heart can be filled with filth,and God can see that too and find them guilty.
Jeremiah 17;10”I the Lord search the heart, I test the mind, even to give each man according to the results of his DEEDS.”
Sin isn’t just a deed,it is first conceived in the heart,then a person performs a deed according to what is in their heart.
The temptation to sin is first conceived in the heart,the temptation to indecently expose your body begins from your heart,the temptation to commit adultery and fornication begins from your heart.
First,in your heart you see it as something desirable, then you act it out.Before you actually sin.
You first desire sin in your heart.
There is no way you can be holy inside,then display unholiness.For you to display unholiness outside,it means you saw the unholy thing as attractive and were drawn to it.
James 1:14-15 tells us that sin enters through desire, and after desire is conceived,sin is birthed!
It is absolutely impossible for you to be impure outside e.g to dress in a seductive manner if you are pure inside,it simply means,even on the inside you are still impure.
However,it is very possible to APPEAR pure outside while the inside is impure, and that is called pretense/hypocrisy, and this is where God is saying He can see beyond all the hypocrisy and see the impurity on the inside.
I say it is impossible TO BE PURE INSIDE and REMAIN IMPURE OUTSIDE because Jesus Christ Himself said if YOU WASH THE INSIDE OF A CUP, the outside will also be clean!Matthew 23:26.
However,it isn’t the case if you just wash the outside of the cup, the inside won’t automatically be clean,rather,it will remain filthy.(Matthew 23:26)
Jesus condemned the Pharisees because they pretended to be holy outside,yet they had sin in their heart and their deeds were mere pretense, however He told them to wash the inside first,(repent and be filled with the spirit of God)then their outward deeds would become clean too.
Jesus didn’t say He doesn’t care about the outside of the cup being clean. He told the Pharisees the right way of getting the outside clean too,He said IF THE INSIDE IS WASHED,EVEN THE OUTSIDE WILL BE CLEAN. He said,instead of hypocrisy,pretending to be holy outside while you are so full of filth inside, surrender your heart completely to God so that your deeds will not simply be pretense but they will come out of the fear of God.Instead of you dressing modestly just to appear good to people,surrender your heart to Jesus and become born of God,then you will dress modestly because you fear God.
Even now,God DOES LOOK AT THE HEART and that’s how come His judgement is fair.If you are dressing modestly outside only as pretense,when you are still living in sin,God will still see your heart,and will judge you accordingly on that day.
However, according to scripture it isn’t possible for a cup that is clean on the inside to continue being dirty outside.You cannot be filled with the Spirit of God and yet continue exposing your body in an indecent manner,the Spirit of God will convict you and you will repent,if not,then its definitely not the Spirit of God that’s filled you because God’s spirit is HOLY,and if you are holy inside, you will be holy outside too.
God hates hypocrisy,we should not follow those instructions He’s given us about how to dress simply because we want to be seen as holy by people and yet we are still secretly living in sin.
He wants us to obey those instructions because we have been born of God and we fear the Lord.
The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.And if God has condemned indecent dressing,THEN THAT IS EVIL regardless of how everyone else is dressing,you as a child of God are still expected to hate it.You are still expected to abide by the biblical instructions of how to dress no matter how old fashioned that might look to the eyes of the world!
One thing that happened to me when I got baptized by the Holy Spirit is that I began to get convicted by the Holy Spirit when I wore some clothes and became very uncomfortable wearing them.
I got rid of almost my whole wardrobe, and I can tell you,these were clothes the world would actually consider modest,yet the Holy Spirit convicted Me about wearing them,this was before I even got a direct command from the Lord about outward holiness.
Yet before I got filled with the Holy Spirit,I was completely comfortable wearing these clothes,despite me going to church, praying and even fasting.
However,when the Spirit of God,who is extremely Holy came to dwell in me,He imparted His holiness in me and clothes that seemed decent before were now indecent.
If a cup gets cleaned inside,the outside too gets clean.
If the outside is still dirty,it means even the inside is still dirty.
The Lord looks at the heart, and sees beyond hypocrisy.
No where in the bible does it say our deeds do not matter, infact the bible says it is FOR OUR DEEDS that we will be rewarded(Romans 2:6 and Revelation 22:12)
When you wear makeup,that is a deed,when you wear a mini skirt,that is a deed,when you wear tight clothing,that is a deed,when you wear trousers as a woman,that is a deed,when you adorn yourself with jewelry,that is a deed,when you put on fake hair.
They are all deeds in the exact same way stealing,drinking alcohol,lying,gossiping,murder are all deeds.There’s no difference.
And although good deeds will save no one,the bible says deeds are fruit of what is on the inside.
Every tree bears fruit after its kind. Matthew 7:16-18 says our fruit(deeds) show the type of tree we are.
Don’t say it doesn’t matter what you do or wear because Jesus died for you and God will only look at your heart.
If your deeds are still unholy,it simply means your heart is also still unholy, and you haven’t yet believed in Jesus Christ,beause Jesus Christ is the word of God and if He truly lives in you,you will not live in disobedience.
Unless you repent of your sins,you will never enter heaven,and hell will be your place.
The lie that is in the church is that because we are saved by the grace of God we shouldn't talk about things like dressing modestly.Paul was also under grace yet He talked about it.
Grace isn't a license to live in sin,you will find yourselves in hell.
You have been called to be a light unto the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.The world will never see your heart to know you are God's child for you to shine as light,its everything.
Holiness is everything; your heart must be pure, your conduct,your character, your speech, all must be holy,and even your dressing must be holy.
Holiness isn't partial,its complete,from the inside to the outside. Not just the outside only and not just the inside only,but EVERYTHING.
Saints,please don’t be fooled by a false grace gospel believing that God's grace is that you keep living in your sin and get saved because you”have believed in Jesus.”
I can tell you that isn't the gospel of the cross which was preached by the fathers of our faith the Apostles.That is a false gospel preaching false grave and it is from the out of hell do not believe it.
Look at John the Baptist, that's new testament but he too preached holiness,and said we must BEAR FRUIT OF REPENTANCE.He didn't preach that we can continue living just like the rest of the world.
Jesus Himself preached holiness. Read the books of Paul you will see he continuously adjures us to be holy, the whole bible tells us to be holy.You can't be holy inside, yet bear unholy fruit outside,it means you need to get back on your knees in complete surrender so you will be born of the Spirit.
Grace isn't luxurious living like its being made to seem,Jesus said there's a cost to following Him,you need to take up your cross.That's complete surrender.
You can't kill the rest of the amalekites,while you spare agag and the best of the sheep and cattle like Saul did because you too will be rejected.(1 Samuel 15)

The bible says God’s grace leads us to REPENTANCE.(Romans 2:4)
Also read Romans 6:1-2.
We are not saved by works,but if we have accepted the grace God has extended to us we won't continue living in sin but rather abandon sin.
Here is how it works,good deeds will save no one,so a person who hasn’t accepted Jesus but doesn’t steal,kill,dresses modestly will still go to hell because only Jesus is the way.So deeds will save no one.
However,when I accept Jesus Christ,I get washed by His blood, and now am called to become a fruitful tree.And since I am born of God,the fruit I will bear will show God’s attributes and that’s holiness.
Now I don’t live for because I believe in Jesus I will not steal.Because I believe in Jesus I will not dress immodestly;so what is saving me isn’t because am not dressing immodestly,it is my faith in Jesus.My dressing modestly is just fruit,or proof that this faith in Jesus is in me.
If I believe in Jesus,I will bear good fruit of holiness.My faith in Jesus will save me and the existence of that faith will be evidenced by my good works,my good works isn't what will save me,they will however be proof that I did believe in Jesus.
If on the other hand my works are evil,the reason I will be condemned will be that I rejected Jesus Christ.
Even if I claimed to have believed in Jesus, my evil works will loudly testify against me that I had rejected the only begotten Son of God.
Believing in Jesus is action.It isn't simply verbal,it's followed by action, an alignment of our whole life to the word of God.
"Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall
enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that DOETH
the will of my Father which is in heaven." Matthew 7:21
"Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and DO NOT DO what I say?"Luke 6:46
Remember that faith without works is dead (James 2:17)
And also remember that a tree brings forth after its kind.
If my deeds are unholy,then that too is simply fruit of my rejection of Jesus.
You cannot accept Jesus and yet fail to bear good fruit (holiness).
The bible says every tree that doesn’t bear good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire (hell).
Holiness is a must, and it starts by you being born again.
If it is simply your own efforts,you will keep failing,but if you receive the Holy Spirit,He will help you remain holy.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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  1. Susan Agbonson

    February 13, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Beautiful explanations more grace sister in Jesus name..Amen

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    February 13, 2019 at 4:36 pm

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  4. Cheri Jerimiah

    February 13, 2019 at 5:16 pm

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    very true my sis thank you for THE WORD OF GOD, JESUS LOVE’S you

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    February 13, 2019 at 5:55 pm

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    February 13, 2019 at 7:42 pm

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    Благословит вас Господь сестра!

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    February 14, 2019 at 10:07 am

    Amen and Amen, powerful message.

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    February 14, 2019 at 10:13 am

    This is so so true, sister. More grace

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    February 14, 2019 at 10:35 am

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    February 19, 2019 at 4:46 pm

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    February 20, 2019 at 9:35 am

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  24. Job Kipkosgei Sang

    March 4, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    The Eternal Life belongs to the Just who are measured in Messiah Yahushua righteousness. For anyone among children of Men shall be measured in justice and truth. Unless we attain the Faith of Abraham, The long suffering of Job, the courage of David and most importantly fulfill the works of Holy Spirit then we shall Never see Eternal life. The most important of all is to be a child of Covenant. Shalom

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    March 5, 2019 at 1:17 pm

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