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The Lord Jesus Christ said many things we use on earth are made in the satanic kingdom. He said this was part of satan’s plan to pollute the earth. satan is so desperate.
The Lord Jesus Christ said in the satanic kingdom, they make everything we use on earth and throw them to earth, to pollute people with demons. I used the word throw because that’s how it is. They make so many and then just offload them on earth.
They even have normal manufacturing company labels of real companies that you can physically see and nothing unusual about them.
The Lord Jesus Christ said they make plates, tables, hair extensions, chairs, cutlery, curtains, drinks, clothes, shoes, school and work uniforms, phones, jewelry,school bags, noodles, jungle oats, fish, chicken, meat, pizza, halaal meat, biscuits, drinks and many other things.
The things I ve mentioned specifically above are the things that the Lord Jesus Christ mentioned as examples.
Its not just the expensive things that they make,but even clothes and things that are very cheap.This is in order to get the rich and the poor as well.
The Lord said a lot of drinks sold here on earth are made in the satanic world. And they even use urine and make it appear to be like a drink. The Lord mentioned a particular drink that is made in this way.
The Lord Jesus Christ also said pizza from one of the world’s biggest pizza companies (name withheld) is also from the satanic kingdom and polluted in this way. He said its not only pizza from this company that’s polluted, but from a lot of places too.
They also make hair extensions from demon’s hair and make it look normal and attractive.
The Lord Jesus Christ said they also make wrappers ( a cloth which is part of African attire that can be worn in different ways) and He told us that ALL wrappers from a particular church,(which is one of the world’s biggest churches but is rooted in secret occultism) are made in the satanic kingdom.
The pollution is really bad,its not 50% of those things that are polluted,but I could say that only a very small percentage of the things we buy and use are clean and not polluted.
Even some of the things we had in the house,like the noodles we had, Jesus told us they were from the satanic world,and the jungle oats we had at home as well, and some clothes. This is real.
I thought that we had to burn them, and even burnt some. But then Jesus said we just need to pray over them and they will be purified. But He said all those that contained drawings of demons had to be burnt because we couldn’t keep demonic drawings in the house or wear them. But for the rest, He said we just need to pray for them.
The demonic pollution is real, its so bad that they even use demons to model their products. This isn’t a joke.
This is real, the Lord showed me this. They even use demons that pretend to be beautiful women to model their product and use their face on the product’s cover.
We were praying for a lot of things in the house, there was a product with a woman on the cover, but the Lord said this was an example of that. He said it was a demon and that its name was sabiola (not sure if it’s the correct spelling but that’s how the Lord pronounced it).The Lord said this demon is also called “lady of the beach.”
But it was pretending to be a beautiful woman, used on a product manufactured in the satanic world and it had a mission to fufill.
And the Lord was really angry that it was trying to fool us, and it was trying to fool people. It was real frightened of the Lord. That’s how polluted the things we use are.
The Lord Jesus Christ said we must pray for every single thing we use and they will be purified.But as for the cursed things (jewelry,hair extensions, makeup, etc) they will not be purified because they’ ve been cursed by the Lord. You can see my earlier articles if you ve never read on that.
He said, “You must be led by the HolySpirit AT ALL TIMES. Even when buying things. You must pray for everything you buy.”
These things that are made in the satanic world are not made in order to supply you with the things you need, they are not made because they want to make money, they are made to possess you with demons. They are made to fulfill a satanic mission against you.
You don’t have to be afraid of buying things, or food, or drink, because the Lord Jesus Christ said when you pray, they will be purified. I don’t mean prayers said in formality. But you must pray from your heart.
And the Lord said some people have gotten demon possessed by eating polluted food.
We must be protected by the Lord Jesus Christ all the time.
Don’t just pray for food and drinks, pray for EVERYTHING you buy.Please note that these things are also used by the satanic world to monitor people and christians.The Lord showed me shoes with eyes.You can't see these eyes physically but in the spirit they are there monitoring you wherever you go when you wear them.when they monitor your life,it makes attacks much easier.There was one eye on one shoe, and another eye on the other shoe.and they were very much alert.If you pray for them,they will be blinded.Again that's why we must pray for everything.

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