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Holiness & Rapture

Choose Heaven, Do Not Go to Hell!

They stab, braii,hit,peel,chop human beings in that place.They mock and torture you emotionally by reminding you of all the chances you had to be saved.



The Lord Jesus Christ has shown me hell many times.Its the worst of all places,horrible far beyond imagination. The loneliness alone is too much to bear.But then there’s the stench, the fire,the worms, and the torture from demons found in that place. These are creatures which really hate human beings because we are created in God’s image.They derive pleasure from your pain and anguish!And they inflict the most unimaginable torture.

They stab, braii,hit,peel,chop human beings in that place.They mock and torture you emotionally by reminding you of all the chances you had to be saved.You will be filled with extreme fear,constant extreme fear that will never go away for all eternity.It ll never even subside. Your heart ll never ever again know what it feels like to be at peace.You ll be in constant dread and laughter or even a smile ll be impossible for you to ever experience.Even if you ever tried to smile,its so impossible because of the unimaginable pain you ll be going through. Hell is so terrible and no person should ever choose to go there.

You ll be so very tired, but you will never rest.So thirsty that you ll long for even just a drop of water,but in all eternity your tongue ll never ever taste a single drop of water.And above all,you ll be cut off from your creator.That on its own ll cause unimaginable pain to you.God doesn’t want a single person to ever go there.He wants to save each one.Even though I may not know you,am writing this because I love you with the love of God and I don’t want you to ever go there.Because I know no one should ever end up there.You can’t ever wish even ur worst enemy to go there.If God shows you hell,you can’t wish even for the most notorious serial killer to go there.

Even people in hell don’t want you to ever go there,that’s their wish.I can’t describe it because there are no words that can best describe it,and our human minds are too small to even imagine it.And because I don’t want you to ever go to that horrible place I have to tell you the truth.Darkness has entered the church so much that over the years,sin has become normal and our sensitivity to sin has died.Many preachers are no longer preaching about many sins because they have been accepted into the church as being “normal.”But let me remind you,God is still holy He hasn’t changed one bit and He hasn’t lowered His standards even a little bit.Heaven is God’s home and no sin ll enter.

Let’s all pursue holiness. And holiness is knowing Jesus.I say this because if you dont have a personal relationship with Jesus,you can never ever be holy.You ll try for a day or a week,but sin ll always have its way back in your life.This isnt the case when you are seeking God and walking in fellowship with Him.Jesus is holy and if you ll walk in fellowship with Him you have to get rid of your sin,and because of that relationship you have with God,sin ll flee from your life.The closer you get to God, the harder it gets to live in sin. Let’s pursue God with all our hearts in prayer and fasting.Pray,read the bible and let seeking God become your lifestyle.

Get rid of all those things God hates.Get rid of sin.You won’t be able to get close to God if you want to hold on to sin. I tell you of these things to save your souls and to fulfill the duty God has given me.On one encounter I had with the Lord,Jesus emphasized that non christian entertainment is leading many souls to hell and He doesn’t want His children watching those worldly movies,music,cartoons, soaps. They don’t glorify Jesus and they are satan’s bait to get your soul. And vision Jesus showed me a section in hell for people involved in the sin of masturbation.If you are involved in masturbation,hell awaits you unless you repent. I saw people in hell for adultery, fornication and incest.And the Lord said even couples engaging in kissing and other such acts without being married are already committing fornication in His eyes.Hell awaits you unless you repent.

I saw people in hell for being greedy for money here on earth.God doesn’t want us to worship money and be greedy.He wants to be first in our lives.I saw people in hell for being drunkards,others for committing adultery. I saw pupils who cheated in exams. All these things are leading you to that place unless you repent. I saw a section in hell for liars,no matter how small in may seem,a lie is a lie and ll lead you to hell unless you repent.I saw people who served the Lord but turned back for a moment because they thought they could just deliberately sin and then repent, but death caught up with them.Jesus said He wants complete holiness. He said He doesn’t want gospel rap,its not from Him. He doesn’t want women wearing makeup,using artificial hair,fake nails or eyelashes, perming hair,dyeing hair, trousers,jewelry, indecent clothes. He also doesn’t want men wearing sagged trousers, jewelry, painting nails etc.He wants His children to be holy both inside and outside too so they can be a light unto the world. He said people doing these are in their way to hell.This isn’t to condemn you if you still do these things,its to save your soul.

A friend you should appreciate is one who tells you the most truth. I would rather tell you the whole truth than comfort you on your way to hell.I know how horrible hell is.And Jesus said all these things are taking people to hell.You have to be separate from the world. Choose Jesus.Get rid of sin and pursue Jesus in Spirit and truth.Read the bible,pray and fast,seek intimacy with God,be filled with the Holy spirit and live in obedience. You don’t have to go to hell when Jesus has provided a way of escape for you,He is the way,the truth, and the life.Hell is eternal, but heaven is also eternal.Which one do you choose


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