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Caren Witnessed Jesus Wage Spiritual Warfare as She Went into Trance!



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By Caren Juma,

CARENWhile we were in our routine RTM Wednesday Fellowship prayer session, my niece by the name Caren was slain to the floor and went dumb and she couldn’t speak or move for hours.  Caren is a Form One Student and currently she is staying with me ( Zachariah) in Nairobi. When the fellowship started, we sensed the breakthrough and our hearts were opened to receive from the Lord.  The fellowship was so powerful to the extent that she was slain to the ground and went into a trance, completely motionless but breathing normally.  We continued in song, worship and prayer for her.

She had demonic attacks in the past and we feared this was one because in a recent incidence, she almost died ( then one anointed woman by the name Prophetess Teresia was used by God to deliver her, though today she was not in town but she also joined us in prayers). I also implored Heaven Citizens WhatsApp group to join us in prayer.  But her trance continued, she couldn’t open her eyes, her teeth were clutched together, and she was completely motionless for about 3 hours.. At some moment we wondered if she was experiencing a revelation.

After about 3 hours in trance, she came back to our surprise. By this time we had already finished the fellowship and members had departed. Guess what? Caren was with Jesus!  She was taken to her home in Busia (Western part of Kenya) in the Spirit. And while there, Jesus waged war against evil forces, against the witches there. The witches did not see Jesus, who was dressed in brilliant white. But only Caren could see Jesus. She was also taken to Uganda for evangelism. She was taken around the world, praying for people, and delivering them, flanked by angels who carried her on their wings.

At some point the heavens opened and she saw people being delivered. She also saw the devil agents which were assigned to kill our Wednesday fellowships and every time they attacked us, God raised our standard. Indeed, God has said he is going to birth so many churches right from our humble fellowship. The war was tough, and at some point, when the devil agents threw arrows, those arrows turned and killed the demons in their numbers. She has witnessed the power of God in the Spirit. Take a moment to thank God for Caren and for us, for surely we have witnessed the power of God!




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