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Benny Hinn: Worship, Ministry, and Miracles from Porto Alegre, Part 1



By Benny Hinn

Reports continue to spread about the revival that swept over this South American nation as Pastor Benny Hinn preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to over 100,000 in three locations throughout Brazil. On this telecast, the first of four programs from Porto Alegre, you will witness the amazing anointing that fell at the beginning of the service, as well as the exciting demonstration of God’s power through miracles. You will see multiplied thousands who respond to the salvation call—the greatest miracle of all!


Global Convention on Final Revival (GLOFIRE) is NOT a Church but a Non-Denominational Convention bringing together end-time apostles evangelists, pastors, prophets/prophetesses, musicians, teachers and all gospel workers who are preaching holiness from all over the world to speak with one loud voice thereby reaching multitudes!

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