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If you are a strong Christian and you want to get married.You will meet people but 9 out of 10 will be satanic agents sent to finish your Christianity… very careful

The following stories are real life tragedies that befell two of our famous Pastors here in Zambia due to not waiting on God for marriage.
James believed he was the happiest man on earth! He had proposed to Georgina the Praise leader and the wedding was in the next few months.

"This is the Lord answering my prayer,he thought. Who on earth can compare to sister Georgina? She is strong in prayer,giving and a strong pillar in the Church.Life couldn't be better" he said to himself.

The wedding day came and everybody was very happy.They feasted and made merry.Soon,life moved on for the new couple and they began to adjust to their daily routine.
Strangely however,James noticed that things between him and Georgina had changed.She began to deny him marital rights and she also became very quarrelsome.If he tried to talk about it,she became very defensive and blamed him for everything happening.He was very shocked but somehow,her words made him convinced that she was in the right and he was in the wrong.He did not realise that all these were spells.
Then Georgina started
to travel out a lot.She told him, "I will bring a maid to be taking care of you".James did not know that this was all a plan.Georgina was denying him marital rights and was bringing the maid on purpose so that he should commit adultery.
When she brought in the maid,she began to mistreat her,beating her up often and denying her food.This was all a plan as the maid was also an agent.All this was done to make James start protecting the girl and eventually,attach himself to her.Soon,he committed adultery and there was a party in the underworld that night.

They were not yet satisfied and more awaited him.James had an invitation to go and preach at a crusade with other Pastors.That day,they were to meet at his place and discuss the program. Georgina was looking for a chance to finish off his Ministry.When she saw that the Pastors were about to arrive,she started a serious quarrel with him on purpose.She provoked him to such great anger that he slapped her.Unfortunately,at that same moment,the Pastors arrived and they were greatly shocked.They told him they could no longer associate with a man who abuses his wife and can not take care of his home.Other Pastors also heard of this and James became too ashamed to show his face on the pulpit ever again.The evil agents had prevailed over him all because he did not wait on God in prayer.
God wants Christians to be very careful for the devil is like a roaring Lion seeking whom to devour.Especially in this age,the devil wants to make sure that every true Christian marries an agent so that they can destroy them….be very prayerful.

Part two continues tomorrow..God bless you.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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