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ARMY OF GOD: 23,900 Strong Christians Worldwide

There are millions of Christians and even those who know Holiness but the Lord only counts 23,900 as strong soldiers.He says only those are ready for the Rupture right now



Matthew 7:15-16 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn-bushes, or figs from thistles?”

In a vision of the night,I saw a very big expensive looking car but this car was parked in the sun. Then I thought,this car will get damaged and so I drove it to the cool shade. However when driving it,I noticed that the car was shaky and was not stable. The color of the car was also emphasized to me in the dream and it was black. After I came out of the car,a man came out of a building with his wife and started talking to me.

When I saw him,I immediately knew that the car was his and I knew immediately that the car represented a Church and he is the Pastor of that Church. The worrying thing is that the car was black in color which stands for the evil darkness. Which means his Church is under that. In real life,I had gone to share my testimonies in his Church and me moving his car from the sun to the cool shade represented that by sharing my revelations in that Church,I had enlightened the people and moved them from the hot sun to the cool shade. By God’s grace,some will get saved in that Church.
I was talking to this man in the dream and he was even laughing.

He was very friendly and even gave me some money. I realized he did not notice that I had moved his car to the shade. Then I told him that,”Do you know that we have been fighting against soldiers and defeating them?” Soldiers in the dream represented demons. Immediately I told him that,his mood changed and he became very very upset! Suddenly he was also wearing a soldiers uniform. Him and he wife. Then I understood that he is also a demon. They are demons in human form. We fight against demons in the Spiritual realm and those disguised as demons.They started to chase me in order to kill.
His Church believes in Holiness but the bible says by their fruits,you shall know them. Not every Holiness Church is truly a good Church.Test the Spirit and compare everything with the word.At this particular Church the Lord was showing me,they oppress true Children of God saying they are false and they say the false are the true ones. They also say that the gifts of the Holy Spirit can only work through the one whom they themselves have chosen,which is jot biblical. Demonic teachings and all these things are being done by the Pastor who is not a human in order to mislead people.There is also a lot of hidden witchcraft and Satanism in his Church yet it appears Holy. You shall know them by their fruits.

Don’t just go to any Holiness Church and think you have found rest. The devil is very cunning. Never forsake praying,pray,pray and pray! When they started chasing me,I saw very high bridge and I ran and climbed it. Surprisingly,this bridge had no stair case and it was high in the Sky but somehow,I managed to climb it. I also saw other soldiers on the bridge but they seemed to have a different kind of uniform than those chasing me. I looked at myself and I realized I was also wearing the same uniform. Then a verse flashed before me,”For he has made us together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus” Ephesians 2:6.We are unreachable for the enemy. Too high to be reached because we are hidden in Christ. Seated in Heavenly places.
The soldiers on the bridge were looking very healthy,jovial and muscular. They are Children of God,men,women and children. Everyone seemed so strong. They seemed to have some supernatural strength and could jump down from the bridge and land safely on the ground and then jump up the bridge effortlessly. Very strong soldiers. I also noticed that where we were, the sky seemed very near to us and there was an opening in the sky. We could talk directly to God and he could talk back to us.
I saw the army of demons in soldiers’ uniform on the ground. They had all kinds of sophisticated weapons,tankers,bombs,grenades,choppers and guns. It looked like a real war zone. I understood that the weapons meant the tactics by the devil to bring us down. Tactics such as the lust of the eyes,the pleasures of the flesh and literal attacks from the enemy.

The army of demons looked very large compared to us on the bridge but I noticed that they looked less fit than us. They did not have any sign of physical strength like muscles and they looked weak. They were shooting up at our bridge and the bullets kept coming. Everyone on the bridge lay low out of being human to avoid the bullets but knew that even though the bullets were to hit us,they would pass right through and do no harm. It was as if our bodies were made out of a certain material. That is the bible says,”

Behold,I have given you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions,and over all power of the enemy and they shall by no means harm you~ Luke 10:19

Everyone on that bridge was very brave and was willing to get hit by the bullets. No one was willing to leave. I was wondering why the demons kept shooting from the ground and did not use their choppers to easily shoot us down. I was thinking,”These demons are very dull. Otherwise,they would have used their choppers.” And then I realized that they could not go above us because we were seated in heavenly places.

They were limited.That verse became so real to me and I realized that they are limited in their attacks. There reaches a point when they just can not get to us no matter what. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,”23,900 Soldiers of Christ. There were 20,000 strong Soldiers of Christ but after the prayers, fasting and evangelism of God’s children 3,900 have been added. Rapture ready strong Christians” He spoke from the opening above us and that opening never closed. It was always open.

Then suddenly,the demons stopped shooting and said to us on the bridge,”We are actually part of you and we are not your enemies” They took off their uniforms and one of them said,”We are really one of you and we even have the same strength as you.Look,we can even jump great heights like you!” The demon tried to jump but he fell down and everyone on the bridge laughed hysterically. Then I understood that these are the demons in human form which attack the faith of Christians spiritually but pretend to be one of them in the physical realm. They take off their soldiers uniform and pretend to be one of the Christians in the physical realm. They will never be like God’s children no matter how they pretend and they will never have the same strength because they are demons. Evil demons from the abyss.

Are you one of the strong Soldiers of Christ? There are millions of Christians and even those who know Holiness but the Lord only counts 23,900 as strong soldiers.He says only those are ready for the Rupture right now.Are you wearing the full Armour of God according to Ephesians 6:10-18? You can only be a strong soldier if you maintain an every day intimate relationship with the Lord.Praying without ceasing and praying not only for your own needs but also for the salvation of souls.Fasting often, evangelizing and living a Holy life.If you want to be counted among the number,you have to forsake all Luke warm double mindedness and lean only on Jesus.

Lean on the Savior for support and he will never disappoint you. The bible says seek the Lord while he may be found. All this is possible with the help of the Holy Spirit. When you become a strong soldier,there will be an opening in the Heavenly realm where you can talk to the Lord and he will talk back to you. Seek the Lord daily like he is the air you breathe because the enemy is really fighting but he is overcome when we sit in heavenly places. He will be unable to get hold of us.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Son of Jesus Christ

    June 28, 2016 at 7:58 am

    Good day. Before the entire Christian community finds this website and start r replying, clowding out my chance of receiving a response from you, my question is this. Can you biblically show, or pray to Jesus Christ personally to get his views if it is that a human being is not destined to hell or heaven please. Jesus made it clear that only a few will make heaven 2.2 billion christians world wide and 23900??? Rapture ready? Wow… it has me to wonder if humans really are destined individually to heaven or hell. It was even prophesied in old testament that Judas would betray Jesus N Fall…. it shows that God knows who making heaven or not…. so many of us are doing this walk in vain… do we really have free will… free will that can literally alter our future?? Judas case was sad demise.. no matter how much he may have wanted to change he could not.. Cz it was prophesied he would betray Jesus.. now Judas in hell sigh.. please answer this message, the founder of this website.. does man really have a free will that can alter our destiny? Or is it that God already knows who will make heaven or hell?

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