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In a visitation by Jesus Christ in my prayer time,the Lord showed me satan's determination to fill hell with more human souls.
Jesus showed many countless evil spirits in the spiritual realm and invisible to the physical eye all working very hard to bring people to hell.
They were multitudes,all shapes and sizes,all of them evil spirits from the bottomless pit.
They would enter all places,even homes.Their one mission is to bring more souls to hell.
They would whisper words filled with satanic spells to people and those words would come to those people in form of thoughts or even feelings.
The Lord showed me those evil spirits making demonic incarnations against people yet the people would be so unaware and would just find themselves behaving in a particular way.
The Lord showed me a person who knelt down to pray,immediately I saw these demons sent by satan rushing to attack that person.
They all began inchanting saying,"you won't pray,you won't pray,you ll feel lazy to pray,you ll give up praying just now."They were so determined and would even pound their fists on the floor while enchanting against this person's prayer.
In a short while I saw this person failed to persevere in prayer and stood up from the prayer place, still unaware of the spiritual warfare going on and thinking"later would be more convenient to pray."
The Lord told me,"do you see why its very hard for many to pray?"
The bible says we wrestle against principalities and powers of darkness in the unseen world.(Ephesians 6:12).
This calls for perseverance in prayer,take authority over those evil spirits,do not be defeated, do not be lazy in prayer.
satan knows by stopping your prayer he can easily make you backslide.
He wants you in hell at all costs and its easier for him when you don't have a prayer life.
The Lord said not only has satan sent multtitudes of demons for this mission in the spiritual realm,he has also sent countless more demons to put on human flesh and live among us.
They too have the same mission.To ensure many souls endup in hell.
The Lord said apart from this,satan has also sent human beings who are his agents.
Their mission is also to take souls to hell.The Lord Jesus Christ told me,"can you see how determined satan is to ensure people endup in hell?This is why i say 'watch and pray or you will fall."
The Lord told me,"do you know that anyone who isn't watching and praying will not be raptured when I come?Anyone who isn't praying will remain because of idolatry."
I was shocked when Jesus said this but He continued,"Anyone who isn't seeking Me in prayer is an idolater. The things of the world are more important to that person than seeking Me.They are too busy to seek Me.Therefore they worshipped the things of the world and no idolater will see Me.Narrow is the way that leads to life and only those seeking Me ll be ready when I come."
The bible says you reap what you sow (Galatians 6:7).Both those seeking God and those too busy with the things of the world ll soon reap what they are sowing. Jesus is coming.Heaven is so real,and hell is so real.Shalom

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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