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Divine Revelations




(My favorite angelic encounters)

# I was Praying at home and I remembered a girl I know who was under heavy occultic attack.
Witches had arrested this girl's brain and caused her to have very limited ability to learn anything in school.
When I remembered her,I decided to pray for her.
When I went to bed that night,I was attacked by those same witches because they had detected that I was praying for one of their victims.
A woman just walked into my room angrily as I slept.
Shouting on top of her voice, she asked why I had been praying for that girl and that I should never pray for her.
I wokeup but when I went back to sleep,this happened again.
I wokeup and prayed.
But when I went back to bed,this time around, I saw two angels descending into my room.
The angels were huge,and held swords in their hands.
They both had really huge wings.
And they stood,where I lay,one stood near my head,with his huge wings spread out and the other stood near my feet,also with his wings spread out.
The angels faced each other,and they held out their swords in a cross way,making something like an X, which I immediately understood was like communication for the enemy not to trespass (like a do not cross this area sign)!
And no witch came into my room again and I had a good night!

# We had a pastor staying over for the night at my parents' home.
Both my parents are Christians and we are always having prayers at home.
The pastor later shared with us that the very night he spent there,he wokeup around 04:00 in the morning and sat up in his bed,but to his surprise, he could see through the wall,and into the hallway,and there in the hallway, he saw an angel continuously pacing back and forth, from one end of the hallway to the the other and back again. (All bedrooms entraces are along this hallway).
The pastor said the angel looked really serious with his work and just kept going back and forth,guarding.
We are so precious in God's eyes and if we understood just how much He cares for us and how much He wants us to be safe,we would trust Him like little children do their parents,knowing we are safe no matter what.
Our faith gets shaken simply because our view is limited to the physical and we cannot see all that God has put in place just to keep us safe!
He's a good Father,and if you have children, you understand how much a parent wants their children to be safe,yet God's love and desire is greater than any parent.
Regardless of what's happening, or how things may seem,if you are a child of God,know that He is watching over you and you ll be safe because you are the apple of His eye.
God loves us more than we know,and He gives His angels charge over us.
The Bible says the angel of the Lord is a guard and encamps around those who fear Him.(Psalm 34:7)

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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