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Isaiah 49:23
"Those who trust in the Lord will Never be put to shame.

We should always trust what God says no matter how things look in the physical realm. The Christian walk is a walk of faith,believing what you can not see.
The Lord had shown me a vision that I would pray for a mad woman and she would be healed. Weeks passed and life went on and I even forgot about it.
So I went for class and we were having a four hour Lecture. When we got a break for a few minutes,I went with my friend to get some refreshments outside.Then on our way back to class,we found a mad woman sitting right in the middle of the tarmac in front of us.
She was very violent and kept insulting. Some people came and tied ropes around her to keep her down. I had even forgotten about the vision the Lord had given me earlier but when I saw her,I heard the Holy Spirit in my heart reminding me and telling me she is the one. I didn't recognise her from the vision because mad people look the same.
When I felt that she was the one,I wanted to go back and use another way because I was scared that the Lord would tell me to pray for her if I got near.
My friend insisted that we go near and see but I insisted on going the other direction. She asked me why I didn't want to use that way and I told her that it was complicated.
I was having all sorts of imaginations from the devil thinking, "What if I pray for her and nothing happens and I get embarrassed in front of all the students?"
"This woman looks too mad for me to pray for. Is she really the one I am supposed to pray for or maybe there is another one less mad than her?"
You name it,I was thinking it. I was looking at how things seemed physically,just like anyone else would. Many thoughts were coming into my head all at once.
To make matters worse,the people around were busy saying that she had been mad for a very long time. They had even been taking her to a mental hospital and were passing through our University on their way there,when she sat down and refused to move.
I was debating about what to do and then I thought, "Its better to pray for her now than to go back and then start feeling depressed that I didn't obey the Lord. Its better not to give the devil something to accuse me about."
The devil tries to make mistakes seem huge and constantly assault you using guilt. That is why the bible says we should not give Satan a foothold.
A lot of security guards had come to get rid of her and they were being rough. I just found myself telling them,"You are wasting your time shouting at her because its not her talking,its demons." Then I told them,let me pray for her. I expected people to mock,laugh or even say its not possible but when I said that,everyone became silent and stepped back.
That is what happens when it is God who has commanded,everyone must obey.
Immediately, I said that,I instantly started hearing from the Lord about her previous life,her family line,that her education had been cut short due to witchcraft spells,her job before she became mad etc. Her Mother who was standing at her side was confirming everything. That is what happens when we trust God.
Things may look impossible to our physical eyes but once we step in with faith,everything supernatural begins to happen. The Lord honours faith and he will not let you down. There doesn't have to be any physical proof that something will happen,only knowing that the Lord promised in his word and he will not go back on it should be enough.
God works in different ways and I believe that the discernment was to strengthen those who stood around that they might believe that everything is true and that they should have faith. Miracles only happen when there is faith. Then as I was speaking,I felt led to pray and I held her hand. It was not even a long prayer and neither did I even shout. I just held her hand and declared in the name of Jesus Christ that she is free from any evil spirit and disconnected from all ancestral spirits. Then she started to shake all the way down from her feet, and went under the anointing and just like that,she was loosed! The prayer was so short and she was already free. I was shocked!
This just proves that there is nothing too hard for the Lord and it is not about how long we pray. Its all about him and has nothing to do with us. She started celebrating thanking me and crying. So I told her it was Jesus and that I was just human like her. I then got the family's number for evangelism and the family gave it readily. Signs should always follow the gospel. When people see the power of God,its time for them to believe in him. Being set free is so that people should see that the Lord is good and worthy of giving their lives to. Then they took her and led her away unbound and walking freely. Hallelujah to the King of Kings! Nothing is impossible for him. Even the scripture says that when he ascended on high,he led captivity captive. Captivity had been taken captive by the Lord and we are free! No one has to live under bondage anymore.
I have shared this that we may know that nothing is impossible with God.It also has nothing to do with us so we should never be afraid. If God has spoken,he will back you up,even as the scripture says that those who trust in the Lord will NEVER be put to shame.
It might be that God has also told you to do something and you are waiting for the condition to look suitable. Know that the right time will never come as long as you do not take a step of Faith. For blessed is he who believes when he has not seen. I Hope this has blessed you and encouraged you to take a step of faith. God will always glorify his name and never ever put you to shame. Never fear,only trust and obey.

#Faith is taking the first step when you can't see the whole staircase-Luther King Jr


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