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Divine Revelations

After my first encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, because of how real everything He told me and showed me was,I thought there would me no question about it being true if I shared with anyone.



After my first encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, because of how real everything He told me and showed me was,I thought there would me no question about it being true if I shared with anyone.

When God spoke and showed me things,there was no doubt in my mind of what I had seen and heard.
My first encounter was my first exposure to the spiritual realm and with how real it was, I naively thought it would all be that real to any person i shared with!
And I was very eager and began sharing with everyone in my contacts,and I was abit shocked to meet some opposition from some of the people I shared with!
It kind of 'brought me back to earth' coz I realized, "oh,not everyone is going to believe the Lord is saying this."
But one of the people I particularly shared with was a relative whose opinion I really held in high esteem because he has been a pastor for so many years.
He is elderly and with all those years serving the Lord I didn't think he would have a problem knowing when God is speaking.
So i texted him a few points of the revelations God had given me.
So later when I visited him,he wanted to address the issue and wanted me to know that he disagrees with the revelations mainly because he does not believe in some things the Lord was high lighting such as outward holiness being important.
He belongs to a church that disregards outwards holiness and says God just looks at the heart,so for that reason he was completely opposed to the revelations and also because of the rebuke God gave to a certain prophet whom he held in high esteem.
So he just told me a lot of things to condemn the revelations, he didn't want me to be sharing and would keep saying am sharing to 'people who are already saved' because he didn't believe that they needed to change their lifestyles outside to suit the word of God and the way he saw it was that if they professed Jesus then they are already saved.
So he said the revelations were not from God but rather from 'seducing' spirits.
He further went on to ask several people to be praying for me saying I had been deceived and it wasn't God speaking to me.
I had expected a completely opposite response from someone whom I thought was at least spiritual and getting all that from him just crushed me.
I felt so sad because deep down my heart i knew what God showed me and the last place I expected such a reaction was from a relative who is in fact a pastor.
Since I was visiting, the only place I could get some privacy was in the garage,so I went into the garage and closed myself in.I just began to weep.
I told God how hurt i felt and I told him everything this man said about me.
I was in so much pain I ran out of words and I just wept.
Then like out of nowhere,I just saw Jesus standing right next to me,in the garage!
Oh,what a faithful friend!
I saw him as real as you see the person next to you.
He was glorious in every way!Light was just emanating from within him and even from His garments!
Actually everything about Him seemed to be made of pure glorious light!
I cannot even begin to describe His beauty.
The Lord looked at me with so much compassion, He didn't say a word.
All He did was hold my hand to lift me up.
I had been kneeling down,with my head on a bench that was in the garage and just weeping.
Jesus just looked at me and He held my hand so I could stand.
Without saying a word,Jesus gave me a very close embrace.He just hugged me like the way a friend who truly understands what you are going through would!
And in that moment, all my sorrow was gone!
All the hurt just vanished.
I felt so much peace and I just knew that EVERYTHING was okay.
He hugged me for some moments, then He was gone!
And I was alone again but I was filled with so much joy,and I knew I was ready to face whatever opposition there was!
Many times we think of Jesus as far away,or even detached to all we feel.Actually there's no friend who understands us more,none who can feel the exact way we feel except Jesus.
He wants to be our friend.
He is our Lord and Saviour, but He also desires to be our friend!
He wants us to be close to Him and have a very close relationship with Him where we interact with Him on a daily basis.
He wants to be part of everything we do!
It is a beautiful thing to begin to walk with Jesus,I shared this to reveal to you this other side of Jesus that many may not know,Him being a literal friend.
He wants you to tell Him everything happening in your life,to begin to give Him time everyday,to involve Him in all you do.
Your life is going to get very supernatural

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