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Divine Revelations

22nd January 2016



The Lord showed me today in prayer ways in which a Christian can be defiled.The Lord wants us to be Holy just as he is holy 1 Peter 1:16.What I saw was very shocking.The Lord showed me a book of Children's bible stories.This story book was of Adam and Eve but the Lord brought to my attention that even though Adam and Eve were really naked in the garden of eden,drawing them naked in this day and age was defiling.When the discovered that they were naked in the garden after they had sinned,they covered themselves so it shows that that nakedness should not be seen by anyone.This book that I saw had a Camera attached to it in the spirit where those from the underworld would be monitoring those who are watching this picture.I saw that they had put Spirits of fornication,masturbation and sexual immorality into this picture and hiding in the name it being a bible story.The Lord showed me that the same spirits were put in the movies for Adam and Eve where they were naked and they would make the mind of a Christian unclean.

The Lord also told me today that he does not want his children engaging in traditions as they have demons."Traditions are rules of demons and if my children practice them,then they are inviting demons into their lives."
He showed me demons of tradition from all over the world.Demons of strange beliefs which so many still believe despite being Christians.
They were from every place imaginable all over the world.
The Lord said "Some people are still holding on to traditional things for safety even though they say they trust in me.Tell them to let go and trust in me compeletly.Those things are from my enemy."
The Lord proved his words true.We were having prayers at home.We were with a few Church members in prayer.One of them was a Pregnant woman who had given birth to her two children using Caesarean Section.During prayer,I just turned to her and told her without knowing, "those things that you are using,stop using them.You may think they will help you to give birth to this Child in a normal way but they are just full of demons because they are from the devil" After telling her this,she started confessing that she had kept some traditional medicine at home to guard her against a difficult birth and that she had not told anyone about it,not even her husband.The Lord exposed her to give everyone a lesson that all who cling to traditions are just deceiving themselves and will not see his Kingdom.Trust only and only in Jesus and escape the fires of hell! Keep your house clean so that when an evil spirit comes,it will have no place to stay as the whole house will be cleaned up.Be holy in every aspect because to do otherwise is to deceive oneself. Matthew 12:43

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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